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Money can be a tricky subject. Learning how to manage money and spend it wisely can be hard to do at any age. However, teaching children about money from a young age can be very beneficial. Doing so allows them to form healthy habits that will last them until adulthood. Learn some simple yet helpful tips on how to start teaching your child about money in this article by The Tutoring Center, Kennesaw, GA.

Give Them Commissions

Instead of just giving your child pocket money, give them commissions based on chores they do around the house. These chores can include cleaning their room, helping you cook, taking the dog for a walk, taking out the trash, and more. Giving your child commissions helps them understand that money is earned and not just given.

Use a Jar to Save

To help your child stay excited about saving money, use a clear jar to put their savings in. The clear jar allows your child to see how much money they have and see how it grows as time goes by. Seeing how their savings grow will encourage your child to keep saving until they reach their goal.

Explain How You Earn Money

As a child, it can be easy to believe that money appears magically. Have a conversation with your child where you explain how you earn money. Additionally, explain that the money you earn has to cover the food, housing, clothing, and other essentials. Take this opportunity to explain the most vital things you spend your money on.

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